Friday, 27 March 2009

How to configure Notification method for Purchase Order document

There are several ways to transmit Purchase Order to supplier.  In Oracle PO itself we have options to send this legal document to supplier through Fax / Post / Email.

Most popular method to transmit PO is transmitting through E mail.  To perform this all we need to have valid supplier email address and should know how to configure this in Oracle Purchasing.

Let us see how to configure this in Oracle Purchasing.

The transmission format to the supplier is defined in the supplier window, under the “General” tab in the “Supplier Notification” field

The output format of the documents is specified in the purchasing option under the “Control” tab. It can be PDF or text format.

Supplier site window – select notification method.  Example of this article is for mailing PO to supplier.  Select E Mail


Mention mail ID of supplier in email field. 


At the time of PO approval system will pick up mail id of supplier from supplier site window


Configure PO output – PDF or Text – Select PDF, if we need to transmit PO in PDF format


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