Thursday, 2 April 2009

Documentation Methodology - AIM

AIM - Application Implementation Methodology. This is an Oracle Standard Methodology to follow documentation during implementation. EMM - Easy Path Migration Methodology can be followed when client is upgrading version from one to another in Oracle E Business. Similarly, Prince / Prince 2 is an another way to follow documentation procedure during implementation. Larger companies may follow their own set of sequence and documentation procedure for implementation and upgrade.

As we all know we need to prepare project plan before we kick off any project. If we know the methodology and their sequence, time required for each procedure, it will help to minimize the effort or utilization of effort in a best manner and completion of project in time with accepted quality based on the budget, number of modules and customization involved and team size.

This document will lay down the sequence to be followed during the implementation:

CR.010 Project Management Plan - Define complete plan from scope, resources, timelines, risk, approach, location, network, administration etc.

TA.010 Architecture Requirements and Strategy - Application and Technical architecture

RD010 - Operating and Financial structure - Try to cover the Org structure, all the Organization and their relations, and Accounting structure. This document will help us to freeze the number of SOB, MO and COA required. It will help us to decide the project scope and timeliness.

BP080- To Be Process - Understand the to be requirement based on the as is and BR documentation and design the future process that best suits the client requirement.

BR030- Process mapping and Solution designing - It will help us to design the solution comparing all the above documents for better future process.  This document will help us to come to conclusion what can be performed through standard solution, workaround, customization and those areas where client can compromize without affecting the business process significantly.

BR100 - Configuration document – Configure all the modules and document with navigations.

BR010 - Gap analysis - This can be divided into standard / workaround / customization solutions.

CV.010 - Data Conversion Requirements and Strategy - Document complete data migration requirements and strategy to be followed, connectivity, tools, existing applications, technologies etc.

CV030 - Conversion Environment  - Define the conversion enviornment

CV040 - Conversion data mapping

MD.050 - Application Extensions Functional Design- Functional design document for all custom components

MD.070- Application Extension Technical Design- Perform conversion from functional design into technical spec

TE.010 -Testing Requirements and Strategy- Gather the testing requirements and decide the testing strategy to be followed.

TE.040-System Test – Document the system test

TE.130 Test Report for Acceptance Test- Perform UAT and document the UAT process with output results.

There are several others documents are also available under AIM, which may have to be considered based on the requirements.

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